Perspective Website Mockup

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Perspective Website Mockup

Showcase your website in the most beautiful way by using this simple (yet effective) website mockup. With 9 different screens that you can use at the same time, you can freely arrange any distribution you want. Choose between 2 different depths (10x or 20x), 3 different shadow types (normal, close and distance) and use any screen size up to 1920 (width) x 3500 (height) and the mockup will take care of the rest adjusting the depth and shadows accordly. There is no need to use the entire available canvas size, you can leave empty pixels if you screen capture is smaller, as this photoshop file will automatically set the depth and shadow values to adapt your screen size to the layout.

How to edit:

  • Open the “Perspective Website Mockup.psd” file in Adobe Photoshop
  • Double click on each of the Smart Objects layers thumbnails named “Screen 1”, “Screen 2”, “Screen 3”, etc
  • Place your website image in the new document, save it and close it (repeat this step for every Smart Object)
  • You can now arrange your screens until you get the distribution you are looking for

A quick tip:

Inside each layer group, you can turn off the "20" depth layer group to have a depth of just 10, and additionally turn on the "Shadow - 10" layer on to get the perfect shadow for that depth (remember to turn off all the additional shadows of that layer group)

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