Antique Paper Overlay Textures

by Tony Thomas

Antique Paper Overlay Textures

These 10 high quality antique paper textures are full of detail; from sharp, intricate grain to complex, authentic stains. Paper textures have a wide variety of uses, they can be used as backgrounds on websites and in print, and they can be integrated into a huge array of types of media.

With Photoshop or any other graphics editing program these antique paper images can be integrated into your digital artwork to add a sense of texture and authenticity. A clean vector illustration can become an aged, antique piece of artwork.

Another great use for use these textures is as photo overlays. Sometimes it's as simple as opening your image or photo in Photoshop or other preferred graphics editing program and adding one of the textures as an extra layer on top of your image with a blending mode (Soft Light, Overlay, Color etc.).

These graphics are perfect for any artists or casual user to keep in their arsenal of resources. Whenever you need them, just drop a texture on top of your artwork and choose a blending mode which achieves the aged, antique effect you are looking for.

Each texture is very detailed and high resolution, coming in at 4800 x 3200 pixels each. Enjoy! 

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