New cool updates and features on WeGraphics

New cool updates and features on WeGraphics

Summer is time for vacation: sea, beach, picnic and so on; however the WeGraphics team has a strange idea of vacation. We, me and Sebastiano, have enjoyed the sea, the beach, a fantastic day in mountain with a good company in front of the Ionian Sea. You're asking yourself "well, and the strange thing?" The strange thing is the main theme of our vacation: "How we can improve WeGraphics?" A lot of beer and good italian food give us two great ideas: we have to make more precious our design and launch the E-Store. WeGraphics team The reason behind the choice of adding some new cool updates, apart from liters of beer and kilograms of food, is the incessant necessity to offer a great service to accomplish our mission: provide high-quality resources for brilliant designers and creative artists in the best way possible. During our summer meeting, we've talked a lot about the possibility of offering more options to serve the creativity of our users. Well, the way choosen was the implementation of an E-Store and some fresh and cool updates to our design. Now, you can touch with your hands the final result of our efforts.

The E-Store

Finally you can buy a single set on WeGraphics. Thank to the fantastic plugin PHPurchase by PHPoet and to the support of Andre Fredette and Lee Blue, we've improved our website structure adding a useful and functional e-commerce system. Now you can evaluate the quality of the set (downloading free samples or just watching the previews), click on 'BUY THIS ITEM' to add the product on you shopping cart and procede with a secure payment through PayPal. Less than one minute and you have a great resource in your email.

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New cool updates and features on WeGraphics

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New cool updates and features on WeGraphics

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New cool updates and features on WeGraphics

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New cool updates and features on WeGraphics At any rate keep the following message in your mind: we want to serve your creativity day by day! We release 9+ high-quality sets (brushes, vectors, textures, patterns, templates), 9+ unique tutorials for learning fresh techniques, some high-quality web templates and many articles per month; so, we hope that you consider to become a member of WeGraphics!

Fresh design updates

We worked also to our design to enhance the look and feel of the site. Our objectives are just to simplify the browsing, the members tasks and say 'Welcome' to our visitors in original way. We hope you can appreciate our work. New cool updates and features on WeGraphics New cool updates and features on WeGraphics We say goodbye to you thanking you for the visit and asking you a little favour: please leave your feedback about and suggest us new features that you would like to see here. Thank you.

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