Textured A4 Color Papers

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Textured A4 Color Papers

This pack features 10 high resolution textured color paper textures. They have subtle grain textures and can be used as-is, as backgrounds or as overlay textures.

Inside the package you will find 10 unique paper textures in two different formats, .psd for Photoshop and .jpg for everything else. The color of the papers is editable using the .psd files or adjusting Hue/Saturation on the .jpg files with your preferred graphics software.

The .psd file is layered and organized with color labelling, easy to understand names, and simple structure. We always put effort into making our graphic design resources as easy to use as possible. 

How to Change Colors:

  1. Open one of the 'textured-paper-X.psd' files (inside the PSD folder) with Photoshop
  2. Locate the green labelled 'Change Paper Color' layer
  3. Double click on the thumbnail of the 'Change Paper Color' layer
  4. Use the Color Picker to select a new color
  5. Click OK to confirm
  6. Adjust the opacity of the Shadows and/or Highlights layers if required

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