Strange Lights

Graphics > Brushesby Nathan Brown

Strange Lights

This set includes 30 brushes created by blurring photos of light. These brushes are awesome for creating abstract backgrounds or for overlaying light onto a design.

Using the Brushes:

  • Save the resource file and extract the ABR file to a directory you can remember
  • Open an existing Photoshop file or create a new document
  • Find the brush palette, or open it by going to Window >> Brushes
  • In the upper right of the brush palette there is a small down arrow next to a set of lines, this is the extended menu.
  • Click on the extended menu and find the option to "Load Brushes"
  • Find the extracted ABR file(s) and click okay. This should populate the brush palette with your new styles.
  • Create a new layer, and select the brush tool, and pick one of the new brushes.
  • Have fun ;)

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