Seamless Fabric Patterns

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Seamless Fabric Patterns

This collection of seamless fabric patterns features a variety of different textiles, ideal for almost any application. They are very high resolution, 2048 x 2048 px bitmap images making them suitable for both digital and print work. Included in the package you will find a Photoshop .pat preset file for the patterns, installing this file will mean that you always have the patterns handy to use any time you want.

In addition to the Photoshop .pat preset in the package, you will also find a .psd file which too contains all 10 seamless fabric patterns, but also allows you to change the colors of the fabric with ease, simply choose the texture of your choose and then use the Photoshop color picker tool to choose a color.

The available colors vary from white to black and every other color on the RGB spectrum. Of course you can also get creative with textures, combining the textures together with blending modes such as Multiply, Screen, Soft Light and Overlay can produce some very interesting results.

These textures are perfect for web backgrounds, social media backgrounds or in print work. Combine them with a nice stitched typeface such as Quicksand Dashed to create an effect similar to the preview images you see on this page. Enjoy!

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