Noir Lightroom Presets

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Noir Lightroom Presets

In this pack you will find 20 Noir Lightroom Presets that are perfect for photographers, graphic designers, artists and occasional users who are looking to give their images a vintage Noir look & feel. By emulating different exposures and film types these presets will give your photograph a very close look to the real ones but with the advantage to fine tune each image to your liking.

With a single click you can give a whole new look to a regular photo without any advanced knowledge in photograph editing. These presets are perfect to be applied to variety of images such as portraits, landscapes, objects, or any other image type you may imagine and will become very handy whenever you need to give your images a Noir look for your web and printed images which can be used in blog posts, flyers, posters and on every other printed or digital media you can think of. 

All the included Lightroom Presets are fully compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC.

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