Halloween Spooky Photoshop Actions

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Halloween Spooky Photoshop Actions

With the Halloween Spooky Photoshop Actions you can give your Halloween images a professional end result with 10 different effects while keeping your original image intact.

With this set of Photoshop Actions and with just 1 click, you can give your images a professional look without any advanced Photoshop knowledge. All you need to do is open your image, select any of the Halloween Actions and click on the play button. All of the included actions works with any image size and resolution, and a professional result is guaranteed. Once the action finish, you may choose from 10 different effects, individually adjust them if you want with the Camera Raw Filter, enable the extra Adjustments layers group (for more adjustments) and also play with the layer opacity of each effect to combine 2 or more of them and get unlimited results and the exact look you are looking for.

All the actions are available to be played individually (1 effect per image) or all of them at the same time (10 effects for the same image) with the extras adjustments layers available on any of them.

How to install

  1. Open Photoshop.
  2. In the Actions Panel click on the top right icon and from the dropdown menu select "Load Actions".
  3. Locate the "WeGraphics - Spooky Halloween.atn" file and click on Load.

How to use

  1. Open your image. Be sure that is set as the background (if not, go to Layer > New > Background from Layer).
  2. In the Actions Panel expand the "WeGraphics - Spooky Halloween" action container.
  3. Select any of the included actions and click on the play button.


  • Once the action finish, make the Adjustments layer group visible and choose the ones you want to use.
  • Play with the layer opacity of any of the available adjustments layers to increase or decrease the effect.

Note: Before using this action, be sure that you have the Camera Raw Filter installed. To do this, open Photoshop and under the Filter menu be sure that "Camera Raw Filter" is present.

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