Grunge Photo Overlays

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Grunge Photo Overlays

This pack contains 12 Grunge Photo Overlays that are perfect to give your images an aged look & feel. Simply select one of the textures (in screen or multiply modes) and place it on top of your photo, then adjust the layer opacity to your liking. You can also place 2 or more textures over the same image, and adjust the opacity of each one individually to achive a whole new look.

The pack includes a single PSD file containing the 12 textures made at 4800 x 3200 pixels with a 300 dpi resolution in 2 different layer blend modes ready to be used on your images. They are compatible with Photoshop and any other image editor which supports layers and blending modes.

How to Use with Photoshop

  • Open your image in Photoshop.
  • Select any of the textures of the "Grunge Photo Overlays .psd" file and place it in a new layer on top of it.
  • Adjust the opacity to your liking.

Quick Tip:

Select the "Screen" Texture for darker images and the "Multiply" texture for the lighter ones.

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