Grain & Specks Photoshop Patterns

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Grain & Specks Photoshop Patterns

This pack contains 10 Grain & Specks seamless Photoshop patterns in both black and white versions with a transparent background which are perfect to be used on your digital designs to add a subtle texture on your backgrounds or to give your texts and objects a letterpress style. As they are perfectly seamless, you can use them to fill large areas like website backgrounds or hero headers.

The download includes a single Photoshop .pat file containing the 20 patterns (10 back and 10 white). Using the patterns is really simple; just load the patterns into Photoshop, draw your shape and from the Layer Style panel choose your desired pattern under the Pattern Overlay option or simply make a new Pattern Fill layer.

How to install:

  • Open Photoshop.
  • Go to "Edit > Presets > Preset Manager".
  • From the dropdown menu choose "Patterns".
  • Click the "Load" button and locate the “WG - Grain & Specks.pat” file in your computer.
  • Click "Load" again and then click "Done".

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