Glitch Text Effect for Photoshop

Graphics > Styles & Effectsby Tony Thomas

Glitch Text Effect for Photoshop

This glitch effect for Photoshop will process, distort and pretty much destroy any text or shapes that put into it. Perfect for getting that cyberpunk aesthetic on your titles and other graphics.

Included are 5 unique glitch effects supplied as separate psd files, which can be seen in the previews. Each file contains the glitch text effect and an optional overlay texture.

How to use

  1. Open 'Glitch Text Effect X.psd' in Photoshop CC
  2. Right click on the red labelled [YOUR DESIGN HERE] and choose Edit Contents
  3. Update or replace the placeholder text with your own text or graphics
  4. Save and close the Smart Object
  5. Repeat for the other files

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