Free Photoshop Hair Brushes

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Free Photoshop Hair Brushes

Looking for free Photoshop hair brushes? This pack has what you need. This download features 10 high resolution, exceptional quality isolated hair graphics. They can be applied with a single click in Photoshop in any color you want.

The pack is split into straight and curly hair samples, in varying widths and densities. They can also be combined together to cover larger areas.

Using the Brushes:

  1. Save the resource file and extract the ABR file to a directory you can remember
  2. Open an existing Photoshop file or create a new document
  3. Find the brush palette, or open it by going to Window > Brushes
  4. In the upper right of the brush palette there is a small down arrow next to a set of lines, this is the extended menu.
  5. Click on the extended menu and find the option to “Load Brushes”
  6. Find the extracted ABR file(s) and click okay. This should populate the brush palette with your new styles.
  7. Create a new layer, and select the brush tool, and pick one of the new brushes.
  8. You can now use the hair brushes

Tip: When using the brushes with colors, experiment with different opacities, double clicking the brushes and using Adjustment Layers to get the perfect shade.

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