Confetti Photo Overlays

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Confetti Photo Overlays

This pack contains 30 Confetti Photo Overlays that are perfect for placing a realistic confetti rain to your photos. Simply place one of the textures on top of your photo, add a new Hue/Saturation layer to adjust the color and move it around to the exact place that you want it. You can also place 2 or more textures over the same image, adjust the colors and opacity of each one individually to achive a whole new look.

The pack includes 30 PNG files with different confetti sizes and positions made at 4800 x 3200 pixels each and they are compatible with Photoshop and any other image editor which supports layers and blending modes.

How to Use with Photoshop

  • Open your image in Photoshop.
  • Place the Confetti Overlay in a new layer on top of it.
  • Add a new Hue/Saturation layer and go to Layer > Create Clipping Mask.
  • Check the "Colorize" option in the Hue Saturation window and change the color to your liking.

Quick Tip:

Select the Confetti layer and, if needed, add a Gaussian Blur effect to get a more realistic look.

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