Andy Warhol Photo Effect

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Andy Warhol Photo Effect

With this easy to use Photoshop Action you can convert any of your photos to a Pop Art one in the same style that Andy Warhol did. By using a simple selection and native Photoshop filters, this action set for Photoshop will convert any image, at any size and any resolution to a Pop Art one in seconds.

Besides being simple to use (the action will guide you in the process), you can later change any color with the Color Picker, reveal or hide parts of them as well to show or hide a comic halftone effect. Right after the main action finish, you can choose to make automatic compositions of 2x2 or 3x3 with all the different colors for each section already changed.

The included actions are:

  • Warhol Effect (the main effect)
  • Composition 2x2
  • Composition 3x3

How to install:

  1. Open Photoshop.
  2. In the Actions Panel click on the top right icon and from the dropdown menu select "Load Actions".
  3. Locate the "Medialoot - Andy Warhol Photo Effect.atn" file and click on Load.

How to use:

  1. Open your image. Be sure that is set as the background (if not, go to Layer > New > Background from Layer).
  2. In the Actions Panel expand the "Medialoot - Andy Warhol Photo Effect" action container.
  3. Select the “Warhol Effect” action and click the play button.
  4. When prompted, brush over the area of your image that you want to apply the effect.
  5. Click the play button again in the Actions Panel.
  6. When asked, adjust the Threshold values for your image and click OK.
  7. After the main action finish, select any of the Composition actions and click the play button.

How to show colors/halftone:

  1. Click over the layer mask thumbnail to make it active.
  2. Select a white color brush.
  3. Paint over the areas of your image where you wish to show the different colors/halftones.

How to change colors:

  1. Double click on any of the color fills layers thumbnails.
  2. Pick any color that you wish from the Color Picker window and click OK.

How to change colors (in 2x2 or 3x3 compositions):

  1. Select any of the Color Change adjustment layers.
  2. Double click on any of the Color Change layer thumbnails.
  3. In the Hue/Saturation properties panel, drag the Hue slider left or right.

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