WeGraphics Community Wallpaper Project #1 - Sign Up

WeGraphics Community Wallpaper Project #1 - Sign Up

I'd like to purpose a little experiment to the WeGraphics Community. As part of our weekly wallpaper downloads, I'd like to create a design that is a collaborative effort among our users. Here's how it's gonna work. The first 12 people to comment on this post will each get a turn with the PSD file previewed below. That user will contribute 1 and only 1 layer to the file, and then pass it back to the community. We'll share the updated file here, and then give the PSD to the next user in line. Each user can only keep the file for 1 day, so in 12 days we'll have a new wallpaper created by the WeGraphics Community for download.


Participation and Guidelines

  • The first 12 users to comment on this post will participate
  • Each user will have access to a DropBox account to share the PSD file
  • Each user will be able to place content in 1 layer, and will not reorder the layers
  • Every participant will be given credit and have their work displayed in stages in the final post


Okay, great response everyone! Below is the order in which each user will have the file. Please rename the layer you are working on in the PSD file with your name. We will contact each of you shortly with how to access the file.
  1. Cristian Valverde
  2. Dario Calonaci
  3. Ressa McCray
  4. Joël Fréchette
  5. LouieTHM
  6. Roderique
  7. ismael
  8. Phil
  9. Anders
  10. Sergei Tatarinov
  11. Stevo Perisic
  12. Dan Pallotta

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