Product Packaging — Gorgeous Inspiration, and Mockups to Match

Product Packaging — Gorgeous Inspiration, and Mockups to Match

Product Packaging for Branding

Product packaging draws attention and sells by creatively and uniquely setting that product or brand apart.

Packaging is the first customers see when they’re shopping for a product. Within a few seconds, a decision about that product will be made, determining whether the potential customer will make a purchase or keep looking.

And it’s those few seconds of thought that make product packaging so important.

In today’s inspiration roundup, we’ll look at different types of gorgeous product packaging for inspiration. And then, we’ve put together several mockups for you to use to start your own creative process.

Food Packaging Inspiration

Today, food is so much more than just what’s going into the body. Shoppers today want to know where the food came from, if it’s ethically sourced, whether the ingredients are organic or non-GMO.

Packaging is the first way food companies can relate to their customers what type of food experience they’re about to receive. The colors and patterns relay specific messages, sometimes even before customers know what the food is!

Check out how these product packages for food have relayed their messages.

Food Packaging Mockups

Full Deli Branding Mockup Set – Free

 Stand Up Pouch Packaging Mockup – Free

Plastic Box Mockup – Free

Floating Glass Jar Mockup – Free

Chip or Snacks Bag Mockup - Free

Beverage Packaging Inspiration

Just like people want to know more about their food based on the packaging, consumers also want to know about their beverages. Some of the most inspiring and beautiful packaging trends have come from the coffee and tea industry, an industry that has grown exponentially in recent years.

There are also so many creative twists in the beverage industry, from coffee cocktails to take home kombucha kits.

Be inspired by some of the most inventive and beautiful modern beverage product packaging, then download a few mockups to test out yourself.


Beverage Packaging Mockups

Soda Can Mockup – Free

Coffee and Bag Packaging Mockup – Free

Liquor Bottle with Label Mockup – Free

Coffee Bottle with Label – Free

Juice Glass Bottle Mockup – Free

Cosmetic Packaging Inspiration

It’s hard to stand out in the cosmetic industry, which is why so many new companies are becoming more and more creative with their packaging. More organic colors and packaging relays the message that the products are environmentally friendly and safe for sensitive skin.

Below is a list of cosmetic packaging inspiration, followed by several mockups so you can design your own cosmetic packaging.

Cosmetic Packaging Mockups

Cosmetics Mockup Generator – Free

Cosmetics Bottle with Box Mockup – Free

Lotion Bottle Cosmetic Mockup – Free

Cosmetics Dispenser Bottle with Box – Free

Cosmetic Set Mockup - Free

Home Goods Packaging Inspiration

From soap and stationary to candles and essential oils, home good companies are also jumping on the inspirational packaging train. Now, with simplified designs and more modern colors, home goods are being given the same treatment as cosmetics and even clothing designs.

For the modern home decorator, inspiration starts with packaging. The inspirational designs below show that packaging revamps are consistent across all markets. Make sure to check out the free mockups to get some of your own to practice with.

Home Goods Packaging Mockups

Square Boxes Mockup Set – Free

Soap Packaging Mockup – Free

Branded Candle Mockup – Free

Green Jewelry Box Mockup – Free

Candles Package Mockup - Free

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