Unique Fonts — The Best of 2019 and How to Use Them Right

Unique Fonts — The Best of 2019 and How to Use Them Right

Let’s Talk Display Fonts

Designers use unique display fonts to make statements and create a brilliant first impressions.

We’ve talked before about the importance of fonts when it comes to designs. In our Cool Fonts inspirational roundup, we looked at different types of fonts and how they could be used in different areas of designs.

In today’s inspirational roundup, we’re going to get much more detailed and look specifically at display fonts.

Display fonts are often the first impression people have about a design, so it’s important to have options that are attention grabbing and send a clear message. Over the years, as styles and preferences change, display font styles have also changed. It’s vital for designers to be aware of these changes and to stay ahead of the curve.

So, not only will we be looking at display fonts today, we’ll also be breaking down current trends, what looks are starting to feel dated, and styles we think will be hot in the upcoming year.

Welcome to The Best Unique Display Fonts of 2019!

Dated Display Fonts

Before we get into trending unique fonts, let’s take a moment to look back a bit.

Body fonts may contain most of the information, but display fonts are what draw the readers in. Display fonts are all about laying the foundation for the copy, relaying the feeling and attitude of what’s to come.

Because display fonts are the initial contact most people have with any form of information, it’s important they make a big statement. Designers know that because of the expected role of display fonts, they need to be chosen very carefully.

If designers use a display font that feels old and dated, no matter how unique it was last year, that gets blended with the message they’re trying to make. And with so much content and information out there, it’s even more important than ever that designers stay on top of design trends when it comes to fonts.

There are a few unique display font styles that might have been trendy a year or two ago, but are now starting to lose their shine.

Overly Bright Fonts

Not technically a type of font, more a style, the age of neon or multicolored fonts is coming to an end. Of course, there will always be exceptions to the rule, but in general, at least in the design world, fonts that rely too heavily on color to make an impression look dated.

It doesn’t help that many of these fonts have little to offer besides their color. It’s one thing to use color as a creative blend with font, but when the design is all about color, it definitely begins to get old fast.

Watercolor Fonts

Going hand in hand with brightly colored fonts are watercolor fonts. The idea was beautiful and, when used in moderation, could make quite an impact. However, too much of a good thing can get very old very fast.

Now, this isn’t to say that brush fonts are out, just the watercolor ones.

Hodge Podge Font Design

We love a good font design that includes different lengths, weights, and exaggerations. However, the days of mixing and matching multiple fonts in one design is done. A few years ago, there was branding all over the place that tried to use several fonts to create a kind of blended feeling.

Now days, designers are opting for more cohesiveness in their designs, working with varied fonts of the same typeface, but not putting together a hodge podge that confuses everyone.

Unnecessarily Large Fonts

Noticing a theme with this list?


Color is fine. Varied fonts are fine. Large fonts are fine.

But when things begin to go over the top, it starts to be a bit much. Fonts that are large just to be large are getting out of control and we’ll see less of that as we go into the last half of this year.

Large with a purpose, however? We’re all about that.

Unique Display Fonts for 2019

One of the best things we’re seeing coming out of the font world this year is the overall creativity and space to do whatever. Designers are pushing the limit when it comes to typography, making strides in unexpected ways.

Despite 2019 being the year of creative and unique font trends, there are still a few that are pulling to the forefront in popularity. Not only are we seeing more of these styles, we want to see more!

Geometric Fonts

There is a sharpness and expectedness relayed in geometric fonts. They’ve been growing in popularity for several years, but in 2019 they have taken on a modernized, refreshed look that we’re loving.

Not only are these fonts easy to read, they have a rigidness that is just appealing for more contemporary designs, as well as branding.

Art Deco Fonts

As we get closer to 2020, it makes sense that styles have started to veer towards those popular in the 1920s. History repeats itself, right?

Art deco fonts are a fun, elegant way to tie together the past and the present. By imitating the straight, bold feeling of fonts past and combining them with more modern intricacies, designers are creating an entirely new look for art deco fonts. And they make big impressions, especially in the beauty and fashion industries.

Simplistic Sans Serif Fonts

The exact opposite of the bold and large fonts that are going out of style, simplified sans serif fonts are growing in popularity. There’s a timelessness to sans serif fonts and designers are utilizing that for their own benefits.

These light fonts are perfect for branding and social media, offering a beautiful balance of space that draws eyes to it. They make the perfect first impression fonts.

Diverse Script Fonts

The beauty and softness that come with script fonts is truly something that will never go out of style. Inspired by calligraphy, script fonts have seen an evolution over the years, but the more modern takes on them have been unique and stunning.

Instead of focusing on the just the elegance of these fonts, designers have been using them as inspiration for a wide variety of different scripts. The results are interesting and diverse script fonts that grab attention.

Custom Handwritten Fonts

While 2019 is all about beauty in simplicity, there’s a special place in design for handwritten, custom made fonts. Whether script, serif, or sans serif, hand drawn fonts elevate a design and set it apart from anything else.

More and more, custom fonts are being adopted not just be designers, but by people everywhere who want to have unique fonts just for them. Bullet journals are a prime example of how a crucial aspect of design has been adopted by people at large.

Unfilled Outline Fonts

Contrary to large, bold fonts, outline fonts are the perfect way for making a big impression, but without the heaviness. Outline fonts have a vintage feel to them and some can get very close to being art deco fonts.

One of the best things about unfilled outline fonts is that they don’t distract. The sleek, industrial fonts blend in easily, but still draw eyes and keep readers interested.

Free and Premium Unique Display Fonts for 2019

Below we’ve put together some of the best unique display fonts to keep in your toolbox as we reach the last half of 2019. Not only will these fonts keep designs looking fresh, they’ll grab attention and keep viewers reading.

Enjoy the free and premium display fonts!

Higher – Free

Acrylic Hand Font – Free

Airment – Free

Horizon – Free

Cormier - $15

After Sunset – Free

Morganite – Free

Arkipelago – Free

Olivia – Free

Brexit – Free

HandDeco - $12

Brandon Grotesque – From $40

Oh Beloved - Free

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