The Blank Slate: Where is Design Going?

The Blank Slate: Where is Design Going?

Some of us started years ago as print designers, and either by choice or by force we converted from print to digital design and web technologies. And from the web we're now converting to mobile devices. It's where the industry has lead us. It's ever growing and ever changing, and your ability as a designer to adapt to that change directly effects your success. Where we are now, as an industry, and where we are going in the coming years is likely two very different places. What will be the next evolution in design? The next great platform for communication? The next step in user experience? I often wonder about these things, and I ask myself what will I be designing 5 to 10 years from now. Will I still use a computer in its current form or will it be something entirely different? This leads to the bigger question...

Where is the Design Industry Heading?

What do WeGraphics readers think? I want to know what kind of changes you've had to adapt to in your career and where you think we're going in the future (short term and long term). Use the comment fields below to express your thoughts with the community on this topic.

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