The Blank Slate: Where Have We Seen Your Work?

The Blank Slate: Where Have We Seen Your Work?

No matter how many projects you've worked on in your design career there is always that feeling when you see your work in print, out in the world. I've worked on a lot of projects over the years, and I still get a little tiny thrill every time I see my work in public. Whether you're a new designer just getting your feet wet or a seasoned professional with hundreds of projects under your belt, I guarantee the feeling is the same every time. This got me to wondering when and where I might have seen some of our readers work. I may have something sitting on my desk or may have passed something on the street that contains something a WeGraphics user might have worked on. So let the community know...

Where Have We Seen Your Work?

Sound off... Toot your own horn. You know the drill. :-)  

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