The Blank Slate: How Do You Use Social Media?

The Blank Slate: How Do You Use Social Media?

As a designer today, there are sooo many different ways to get your work out to the masses. Within minutes you can post a new portfolio piece and have hundreds or maybe even thousands of people view and comment on it. But this also means that we're all on an equal playing field. Large firms are competing for views with mid-level and even novice designers. I've seen some really great ways in which designers are utilizing sites like Twitter and Facebook to display their work. These profiles have to be incredibly unique in order to grab peoples attention and hold it long enough to stick around and view what is being offered. So this week I'd love to know...

As a Designer, Are You Utilizing Social Media?

How do you grab and hold onto your audience's attention via social media? Has it worked for you? Have you found clients via Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter? Share your experiences with the community using the comment form below.

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