The Blank Slate: Full Time or Freelance?

The Blank Slate: Full Time or Freelance?

One of the most appealing aspects of being a graphic designer is the flexibility it offers in regards to employment. You might be an in-house designer for a larger corporation, a member of a design team working for an agency, or maybe even your own boss working as a freelance designer or head of your own small studio. Either way, each position requires it's own set of skills and personality types. You may work better as a member of a team doing your part to contribute to a project, or you may prefer to work on your own and call the shots as to what projects you accept or decline. Both positions have their pros and cons. Working full time provides a steady paycheck, but can place a designer in a repetitive roll which doesn't always work well with a creative individual. Working as a freelancer has lots of freedoms, but lacks the stability of full time work. Either way... I'm curious what type of positions most of our readers hold.

Full Time or Freelance?

Are you a 9 to 5'er, or a freelance guru? Do you work on a team, or do you go it alone? Share your position with the community and let us know how you work.

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