The Blank Slate: Designing for a Niche Market

The Blank Slate: Designing for a Niche Market

The thing I love most about being a designer is not knowing what your next job might be. I've worked on a project for a fishing lodge in Alaska and labels for Lego toys both at the same time. Being a designer can be an extremely versatile job. Who could get bored with such a variety of work?Over the years, though I've met several designers who believe in finding a niche market. Some artists are extremely successful designing exclusively for certain markets. By establishing yourself as a designer specializing in the real estate market or the music industry can be very lucrative. Suddenly you become THE person to go to for that type of work, and you've established yourself as the expert in that field. But some believe that it is better to be more of a "jack of all trades" and leave yourself open to work from different industries. So this raises a question...

Should You Design for a Niche Market?

I'd like to hear from the community. Tell us if your a designer who has found a niche in a specific industry, and what your experience has been, or let us know if you believe that a designer should be varied in the skills and projects that he or she tackles.

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