Logo Mockups for your Best Business Look

Logo Mockups for your Best Business Look

Let’s Talk Logos

Logos serve as the visual representation of a company or organization, so picking the right one is very important.

When it comes to branding a business nothing is more challenging or exciting as designing the logo. Often, it’s the logo, or the visual representation, that brings an entire concept together. Combining images, font, colors, and size, a logo tries to compress the idea of a business, company, or organization into one small thing.

At least, that’s what a good logo should do.

Today in our inspiration roundup, we’ll be looking at logos, from their importance and branding power to what it looks like when it's done right.

Make sure to scroll through to the bottom, where we’ve put together a list of free logo mockups to help you out.

The Importance of a Logo

There is power in a logo.

Because a logo is one of the first things customers will notice about a business, it’s important to get it right. When used correctly, a logo will tell new customers what the business is about in just a glance, while also serving as a point of recognition for returning customers.

Just like we make snap judgements when meeting new people, we tend to make decisions about businesses when we see their logos. What do the colors tell us? What emotion does the font make us feel? Do we know just from looking at the name and logo what the company is about?

These are all aspects that need to be considered when designing a logo. Somehow, you have to tell a story, build trust, and prove the professionalism of your business in one small design. Hopefully, within all of that, the logo will also be aesthetically pleasing!

A logo may be a big upfront investment, but in the long-run, it is well worth the time and effort.

What Makes a Logo?

One of the greatest parts of designing a logo is that there aren’t any hard and fast rules you need to follow. A logo can be an image with a few words or it can just be words. When brand recognition is really strong, you can use a simple image and people will know exactly what company they’re seeing.

Before even thinking about designing a logo, a business needs to have a firm idea of what it is and what it wants to do. This is why brand identity and logo design go hand in hand. If a business doesn’t know the target audience or its goals, there’s no point in even discussing a logo.

An amazing example of a company logo that knows itself is the Johnson and Johnson’s logo. Started in 1886, Johnson’s was always very clear that it was a family run business designed to make life easier for other families.

The design could have gone a dozen different ways, but the company kept it simple. Johnson’s used the signature of its co-founder, James Wood Johnson, as its logo.

Why? Because the company took its pledge to improve the lives of its customers so seriously, they would sign their name to it. And now, 133 years later, that iconic signature is in almost every household across the nation.

Of course, the fonts, colors, images, and shapes used to create a logo are important, but they will only ever be as powerful as the brand behind the logo.

Where to Put a Logo

Now that we’ve talked a bit about what makes a logo, let’s take a look at how to use a logo.

As with creating a logo, there are no strict rules for the perfect place for a logo. Small businesses and startups are often breaking the unspoken ‘rules’ of logo use with great success! However, there are some general ideas you can keep in mind when it comes to logo position.

Social Media

Obviously, the most important place to display your logo is online. On social media, you’re going to want your logo front and center, either as your display image or as a banner. This will require resizing to make sure the quality of the image is the best on each platform.


Your website will also need to be peppered with your logo design. Most websites will place their logo at the top of their page, which is highly recommended. While a logo can go in the center of the page, English speakers are naturally drawn to the left-top corner of websites, just because that’s naturally where we start reading.

A sticky menu/navigation will keep your logo and any additional branding right at the forefront of your page.


If you’re selling a product, you’re going to want some iteration of your logo on every layer of the item. Shipping it? Make sure your logo is on the box. Then, make sure the logo is on the wrapping as well as the actual product. Don’t go too crazy, but let your brand be seen.

Stationery and Apparel

There are several items used on a daily basis that can be branded with your logo as well. Any stationary, from letterheads and pens to forms and invoices, should have the logo.

If you’re a brick and mortar store, you might even use a version of your logo on your apparel. Not only will this create cohesiveness between employees, but it will create a strong message to customers that your company knows who it is.

Examples of Iconic Logo Designs

When a logo design comes together, nothing is more satisfying. It pulls together all the ideas and concepts of a business and puts them into one flawless design.

There are plenty of examples of businesses who have crafted logos that perfectly exemplify their brand. From the fonts, colors, and positioning, these companies haven’t just created something visually pleasing, they’ve created brand recognition.

Free Mockups to Put Your Logo On

Now that you've seen some inspiration from the most recognized logos in the world, why not try your hand at it?

We've put together a list of free mockups that you can use to display your logo. Whether you're just trying it out or using these to get your business out there, we hope you enjoy!

Branding Logo Mockup Mix

Bag Mockup Scene

Coffee Mug Mockup


Glass Bottle Mockups

Packaging Mockup Scene


Tableware Logo Mockups

Rubber Stamp Mockup


Tote Bag Logo Mockup

Hanging Wall Sign Mockup

Plastic Cup Mockup

Cosmetics Bottle and Tube Mockup

8 Stationary Branding Mockups

Coffee Branding Mockup

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