Cool Fonts: A List (with downloads at the bottom)

Cool Fonts: A List (with downloads at the bottom)

Keep It Cool with These Fonts

See a list of cool downloads at the bottom!

Any good designer knows that a successful project requires a careful balance of several different elements. You need to get your colors right, your spacing perfect, and your message needs to be clear.

The best designers know one of the keys to making sure a project comes together is the right use of font. Typography is that first impression punch. It not only relays the message of a design, it literally spells out that message.

Without the right font, your creation could be a dud before anything else in the design is noticed.

Because of the importance of font, when you’re making your decision on which to use, you need to be thoughtful and deliberate. You want your fonts to serve a purpose and be appropriate for your messaging, all without being a distraction.

To help you create a seamless design and aid in your font choice, today’s inspiration roundup is all about fonts and the right way to use them. We’ll take a look at fonts used right, before offering you a selection of free and premium font options that will help bring your next project together.

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Font or Typeface?

Before we get to the inspiration of today’s post, let’s get through some nitty gritty.

The first thing we need to discuss is the difference between font and typeface. In today’s post, we’ll be using the two interchangeably, but to keep it professional let’s quickly go over the differences.

Typeface is the overall design type of the lettering you use. For example, Times New Roman is a typeface. Font is the specific size and weight of a typeface. So your typeface could be Times New Roman, but your font is Times New Roman, 12pt, Bold.

While it may not be super important to know these distinctions, it can come in handy when trying to discern the ins and outs of your designs. Because, once again, your font is a huge part of your message.

The Message in Your Font

It’s been said that a font is kind of like an outfit. It may not encompass the entire message, but it sure does make an impact.

When it comes to choosing your font, you need to start with the message in your design. What are you trying to portray? What are your goals?

You need to know what characteristics you’re actually looking for before you even begin looking at fonts. It’s just like know what event you’re attending before picking your outfit.

As you’ll see in our inspirations below, every font has its own unique characteristics. Some were designed to be quirky and fun, while others are more intense and serious. And, as you’ll see in this list, there are so many choices! Don’t let the variety available distract you from the message your font needs to portray.

While browsing through your font options, the best way to stay focused is to keep reminding yourself of the purpose of your font. Write it down, repeat it to yourself, and keep looking until you find the right one.

Font Inspirations

When it comes finding font inspiration, advertising and branding are the first places to look. In the fast paced world of ads, designers are constantly pushing themselves and adopting updated and modern fonts. So it makes sense that they’d be a perfect resource.

Not sure where to start?

We’ve put together a little inspiration to give you the creative boost you need to find the perfect font.

Display Fonts

As their name suggests, display fonts are those dramatic, big typefaces that grab attention. They’re perfect for use in headlines, short amounts of text, or in logos.

There are so many benefits to using the right display font. They make a huge impact and draw the eyes instantly, so you can portray your message quickly. When you use a display font properly, you can communicate an entire emotion or story with just a few short words.

However, display fonts can also be a bit of a slippery slope. If not used correctly, these garish, loud fonts can be a distraction. They can grab attention, but for the wrong reasons. Because they often fill up a lot of space, they can make a design feel overcrowded. And, display fonts aren’t meant to be used for long texts, so they should only be used for a few words.

While looking over these display fonts, keep in mind what you specifically want to use them for and then do so sparingly. These fonts demand attention, just make sure it’s the right kind of attention.

Lilly Brush Script Font – Free

Ragnarok Runik Font - $7

Dalston Retro Script Font - $17


Alabama Signature Font - $13


Ailerons Typeface – Free

Lombok Typeface - $5

Darcey Oliver Signature Font - $13


Aqua Grotesque Typeface – Free


Etna – Free


Louisa Headline Font - $19

Outdoors Handmade Font - $9


Ghost Cover – Free

Wacian Serif Font Family - $17


Achi Font – Free


Minimalust Typeface - $10


Rivina Brush Font - $11


Hyped – Free


Aviator Art Deco Font - $10

Lost at Sea Script- Free

Body Fonts

Body fonts may not be as exciting as display fonts, but they have a very clear purpose. These are the typefaces you’ll want to use when you have large amounts of text. They’re ideal for website copy, books, magazines, or anything that’s over a few sentences long.

Unlike display fonts, body fonts aren’t made to grab attention. They’re supposed to be subtle and very easy to read. That doesn’t mean they aren’t as important, though. When used correctly, body fonts will complement display fonts and bring a cohesiveness to a design.

It can be easy to spend a lot of time deciding on a unique display font and then overlooking a body font. To keep from being boring and played out, avoid using Arial or Calibri and chose a body font that is both unique and easy to read.

Horizon Sans Serif Font - $15

Tenor Sans Font – Free


Josefin Sans – Free

Reno Mono Typeface – Free

League Mono – Free

Radnika Typeface – Free


Nourishe – Free with Subscription

Cooper Hewitt Typeface – Free

League Gothic – Free

Widebody Font – $15

Rodene Text Font - $10

Goudy Bookletter 1911 – Free

Palanquin – Free

Gorgone Typeface – Free with Subscription

Ostrich Sans – Free

Elouise Elegant Font - $10

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