Bookmarked! Best readings of the week #9

Bookmarked! Best readings of the week #9

Every week the design community releases a lot of interesting articles, tutorials and showcases that can charge your creativity in different ways. With this series we want to share high-quality contents from the community to provide interesting information for our readers. It's just a small selection, but we are sure that it can help you to find cool stuff that covers a wide variety of topics. Enjoy it! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @WeGraphics to stay up to date with unique and useful links.

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Below a collection of awesome articles and resources that we have found in the last week. We suggest you to bookmark and read them. Take your time, get inspired!

Fuzz/Furry Text Effect (Works great as Grass!)

  1. written by Stephen Petrany
  2. topics: photoshop, tutorial
  3. Tutorial9
best of the week In this tutorial, I will show you a how to create a fuzzy text effect using a simple technique and a custom brush. This tutorial is written for users who have a basic understanding of the tools and techniques in Photoshop. Read the article

Design a Skin-Textured Typography Scene in Photoshop

  1. written by Sebastiano Guerriero
  2. topics: photoshop, tutorial
  3. DesignInstruct
best of the week In this tutorial, I?ll show you how to create a 3D-looking textured text effect in Photoshop without the need for any 3D tools or applications. All we need to be able to create our text effect is a good idea of perspective so that we can modify light distribution with the help of color correction tools (Burn Tool and Dodge Tool). Read the article

Colorful Candy 3D Text Effect in Photoshop and 3D Studio Max Tutorial

  1. written by Joe Moore
  2. topics: photoshop, tutorial
best of the week In this tutorial, you?ll learn how to create colorful candy 3D text using Photoshop and 3D Studio Max, and how to incorporate a few other 3D elements into a final Photoshop artwork. You?ll get a great look at how to model and texture 3D text and how to render it using v-ray, and how to then composite it together in Photoshop. Read the article

Starting Your Own Shirt Line. PART II: The Creation of Your Art and Working with a Printer

  1. written by Steve Knerem
  2. topics: t-shirt, article
best of the week Welcome to the second article in the series ?Starting Your Own Shirt Line?. In the first article, Start ? Up, we covered the topics: originality, research, "who will like it?". In Part II I?ll take you through my process of creating the Octolady and my experience working with a printer. Read the article

Full Page Image Gallery with jQuery

  1. written by Mary Lou
  2. topics: tutorial, jquery, css
best of the week In this tutorial we are going to create a stunning full page gallery with scrollable thumbnails and a scrollable full screen preview. The idea is to have a thumbnails bar at the bottom of the page that scrolls automatically when the user moves the mouse. When a thumbnail is clicked, it moves to the center of the page and the full screen image is loaded in the background. Now the user can move up and down and the image will get scrolled automatically, giving him the opportunity to see all of the image. Read the article

6 Tips for Designing With Lines

  1. written by Joshua Johnson
  2. topics: design, graphics
best of the week Adding a few simple lines to a design can bring structure and graphical flair to an otherwise boring design. It?s a dead simple trick that, when used effectively, has the effect of adding a layer of finish your design. Read the article

Rethinking the Mobile Web

  1. written by Stephanie Rieger & Bryan Rieger
  2. topics: mobile, web
best of the week Sometimes, 2010 really reminds me of 1995?that mystical time when the Web was just starting to take off. I remember sitting with a friend randomly typing the name of the largest or most innovative companies we could think of into Netscape, just to see if they maybe had a website. The mobile Web today is a bit like that. Read the article

HTML5 Support in Internet Explorer 9

  1. written by Louis Lazaris
  2. topics: ie9, html5
best of the week This post will consider the extent of IE9 support for HTML5 and related technologies. Read the article

Projekktor Zwei - Free HTML5 video player

  1. created by Sascha Kluger and Spinning Airwhale Media
  2. topics: ie9, html5
best of the week Projekktor is a free HTML5 based video- and audio- player written in Javascript. It solves cross browser and compatibility issues, offers flash fallback for ancient browsers, adds some eye candy and provides powerful non standard features. Download now

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