Bookmarked! Best readings of the week #4

Bookmarked! Best readings of the week #4

Every week the design community releases a lot of interesting articles, tutorials and showcases that can charge your creativity in different ways. With this series we want to share high-quality contents from the community to provide interesting information for our readers. It's just a small selection, but we are sure that it can help you to find cool stuff that covers a wide variety of topics. Enjoy it! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @WeGraphics to stay up to date with unique and useful links. Below a collection of awesome articles and resources that we have found in the last week. We suggest you to bookmark and read them. Take your time, get inspired!

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a stunning pin-up collage

  1. written by ee venn soh
  2. topics: photoshop, tutorial
best of the week In this tutorial, Malaysian design maven Ee Venn Soh shows you how to recreate this vibrant illustration that puts a modern spin on the classic pin-up style. Read the article

Create a Neat Price Tag

  1. written by Marius
  2. topics: illustrator, tutorial
best of the week In the following tutorial I will show you how to create a neat price tag. First, for the basic shape, the grid and the Snap to Grid will significantly ease your work. Then, for the rest of the illustration you?ll use the Pathfinder options, multiple gradients and strokes plus some basic effects and brushes. Read the article

Getting to Work with CSS3 Power Tools

  1. written by Devon Govett
  2. topics: css3, tools
best of the week CSS3 is one of the coolest new web technologies available to web developers right now. Using some of its many features, it is possible to reproduce the effects that you might have previously done in Photoshop, with CSS code that is more maintainable, faster to load, and hip with the latest trends. Read on to learn about the power tools available to you and how to combine them to produce the ultimate graphical effects Read the article

Unusual Settings: Applying UX design to a public garden entry

  1. written by Stephanie Weaver
  2. topics: user experience
best of the week Seeing how UX design can improve physical-world experiences gives a new perspective on the field. Read the article

A Complete Guide to Progressive Enhancement

  1. written by Cameron Chapman
  2. topics: progressive enhancement
best of the week For years, web designers have been using graceful degradation principles to make sure visitors in older browsers can at least see the content on their websites, even if they don?t see it exactly how the designer intended. Read the article

Don't make me wait

  1. written by Trent Walton
  2. topics: css, user experience
best of the week Page speed and load times are the foundation for a positive user experience on the web. Read the article

Getting to grips with content

  1. written by Felicity Evans
  2. topics: content strategy
best of the week Now is the opportune time for us to start taking our content seriously. Over the past few years, there has been a surge in web devices that focus on portability and readability over processing power. Read the article

HTML5 Periodic Table Elements

  1. written by Josh Duck
  2. topics: HTML5
best of the week The table below shows the 104 elements currently in the HTML5 working draft and two proposed elements (marked with an asterisk). Read the article


  1. written by Matias Mancini
  2. topics: jquery, form validator
best of the week HTML5 validates forms without additional JavaScript. Currently only Safari & Google Chrome supports this functionality. This plugin gets the same result in Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. With a single line of code... Read the article

Corporate Website Design: Creative and Beautiful Solutions

  1. written by Bobby Foley
  2. topics: corporate websites, web design
best of the week What do corporate websites have in common with other people?s children? Three things: they have their charm, like finger-paintings on the refrigerator; they can be useful, if infrequently; they are usually admired only by the people who created them. Read the article

Case Study: Isolation Abstract Illustration

  1. written by Paulo Canabarro
  2. topics: graphic design
best of the week In this case study Ali Al-Zahrani show the entire process of how he creates his abstract works from beginning to the end. It's really amazing to see how people create their work and this process it's totally different from what I have seen before. Check it out! Read the article

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