Bookmarked! Best readings of the week #25

Bookmarked! Best readings of the week #25

Every week the design community releases a lot of interesting articles, tutorials and showcases that can charge your creativity in different ways. With this series we want to share high-quality contents from the community to provide interesting information for our readers. It's just a small selection, but we are sure that it can help you to find cool stuff that covers a wide variety of topics. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @WeGraphics to stay up to date with unique and useful links.

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Below a collection of awesome articles and resources that we have found in the last week. We suggest you to bookmark and read them. Take your time, get inspired!

Facing a New Day ? Photoshop Manipulation

  1. written by Andrei Oprinca
  2. topics: Photoshop
best of the week In this manipulation tutorial Andrei Oprinca will show you how to create a really nice sunrise scene. He will show you how to transform a day picture into a sunrise using some adjustment layers and gradient maps. Read the article

Old is the New New

  1. written by Simon Walker
  2. topics: Graphic design
best of the week Cool tutorial about how to realize an old style text effect in few steps, using Photoshop and Illustrator. Read the article

Creating a Portrait Using Only Four Colors!

  1. written by Sharon Milne
  2. topics: Illustrator
best of the week In this tutorial you will learn how to create a vector portrait using only four colors. You will use a variety of Blending Modes and Opacity to give the impression that a variety of shades have been used. Read the article

How To Create a Stylish Skull Based Vector Illustration

  1. written by Chris Spooner
  2. topics: Illustrator
best of the week The skull and crossed pistons mark is a popular adaption of the tradition skull and crossbones symbol and is commonly seen in motorcycle culture, amongst other. Follow this Adobe Illustrator tutorial to create your own underground skull & crossed pistons graphic. We?ll start with a simple sketch, then build up the detail using a range of linework and vector shapes. Read the article

Interview With Marco Casalvieri

  1. written by Emil
  2. topics: Interview
best of the week Marco, only 17, started out designing like many people do, by creating signatures and avatars in various forums. But these activities actually ended up building Marco?s design foundation as he learned many pivotal Photoshop techniques. In our interview Marco explains the challenges of matte painting and tells us how he creates some of his amazing art. This is another great interview with a talented artist so make sure to check it out. Read the article

Beautiful Disney Portraits by Annie Leibovitz

  1. written by Callum Chapman
  2. topics: Inspiration
best of the week Annie Leibovitz is a celebrity photographer born in Waterbury, Connecticut. There isn?t just one photograph that made Annie such a popular photographer. She started her career working as a staff photographer for the Rolling Stones (magazine)... Read the article

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