Bookmarked! Best readings of the week #18

Bookmarked! Best readings of the week #18

Every week the design community releases a lot of interesting articles, tutorials and showcases that can charge your creativity in different ways. With this series we want to share high-quality contents from the community to provide interesting information for our readers. It's just a small selection, but we are sure that it can help you to find cool stuff that covers a wide variety of topics. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @WeGraphics to stay up to date with unique and useful links.

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Below a collection of awesome articles and resources that we have found in the last week. We suggest you to bookmark and read them. Take your time, get inspired!

How To Create Detailed Gothic Linework Typography

  1. written by Chris Spooner
  2. topics: Photoshop
best of the week Follow this step by step walkthough of the design process for Chris recent gothic typography design. You?ll be customising a blackletter font with various black and white elements and creating a range of tones with detailed linework to create a cool gothic style design that would be right at home as a logo for a heavy metal band or dark apparel brand. Read the article

Create a Hellboy Poster in Illustrator

  1. written by Marcos Torres
  2. topics: Illustrator
best of the week After received many requests for more illustration tutorials, the cool guys over at Abduzeedo decided to show you how to make a cool hellboy poster in illustrator. Read the article

Interview With Pawel Nolbert

  1. written by Emil
  2. topics: Inspiration
best of the week Pawel is a veteran designer who has been working with world-class design agency Ars Thanea. This experienced artist has created some professional looking advertisements and now shares some important advice about the many facets of designing. In our interview with Pawel, we cover his work at the agency, some of his illustrations, and how he deals with instances where he is not creative. Here is another great interview with a truly talented artist. Read the article

Create a CMYK 3D Text Effect in Photoshop and 3D Studio Max

  1. written by Joe Moore
  2. topics: Photoshop
best of the week In this tutorial, you?ll learn how to use Photoshop and 3D Studio Max (though any 3D program will work) to create a unique 3D PS text effect using fundamental shapes. Read the article

Parallax Slider with jQuery

  1. written by Mary Lou
  2. topics: jQuery
  3. codrops
best of the week We will make use of the parallax principle to move different backgrounds when we slide to an image in order to create some nice perspective. This will give a great depth to the whole slider when it?s in motion. Read the article

Testing Content

  1. written by Angela Colter
  2. topics: Usability
best of the week Nobody needs to convince you that it?s important to test your website?s design and interaction with the people who will use it, right? But if that?s all you do, you?re missing out on feedback about the most important part of your site: the content. Read the article

How To Create a Cool Animated Menu with jQuery

  1. written by Chris Spooner
  2. topics: Html/CSS, jQuery
best of the week In this tutorial we?ll be building a cool navigation list complete with a sliding hover effect. Learn how to build the concept in Photoshop, lay out the basic HTML elements, style everything up in CSS then tie it all together with a few lines of jQuery to create a semantic, accessible and degradable menu design. Read the article

How to Maintain Your Personal Brand as a Corporate Employee

  1. written by Jeff Gothelf
  2. topics: Marketing
best of the week A strong personal brand is beneficial on many levels. At the core it differentiates the designer, developer, marketer, etc, from the rest of the pack within crowded disciplines. It functions as a self-promotion agent that works for the practitioner 24/7/365 ultimately ensuring this person becomes a magnet for new and interesting work opportunities. Read the article

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