Avatar inspiration

Avatar inspiration

Avatar is an incredible film which success can't be discussed. For me that every day try to turn concepts into beautiful images, Pandora's world represents the apotheosis of what a team of designers can realize. Surfing artistic communities I've noticed that Avatar has inspired lots of designers and artists. So today I collected for you 20+ images inspired by James Cameron's film.

Behind the scenes of Avatar

Avatar The Game

by Peter Jaworowski, Pawel Nolbert, Bartek Rozbicki and Karol Kolodzinski

Avatar Neytiri

by katie alexander

Hallelujah Mountain

by dsgncore

Avatar Wallpaper

by Azurelle


by Maquaii

Avatar Battle 3D

by JackieTran


by patrickbrown


by Aleksey Golovchenko


by CaecorumTerra

Avatar: Na'vi

by VegaNya


by Jana Macurová

Avatar - Tajahi

by Makime

Avatar Neytiri

by sanguisGelidus

Avatar Reborn

by Luca Pisanu

Avatar Poster

by Vangarde

Feel the peace - Avatar

by Zardra

Avatar Project

by Nicky Lock


by Stapic


by DoubleJ333

Jake Na'vi

by Justinian84

Avatar - Epic

by SEnigmaticX

Na'vi Sweethearts

by genjihl

Toruk Makto - Avatar

by VanillaXD

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