3D renders in modern graphic design

3D renders in modern graphic design

3D is a fundamental component of graphic design. Adding tridimensional objects or giving depth to your text will result in a new dimension. How many times you have seen a work enriched by abstract elements and you thought they were made with a 3D graphic software. These elements can be defined "3D abstract renders". They are a trend in graphic design world for 2 reasons: they create a 3D dimension; they are easy to create. If you would like to realize your own 3d renders, then this article is for you. In the first part of the article I selected some tutorials, while in the second you'll find a gallery of inspirational works.


  1. C4D: Last tut you'll ever use Not really though. just a fun one. It goes over HDRI, Radiosity, Caustics with photon lighintg, alot of features that you probably never heard of or didnt know how to use in render settings. And just sexier renders.
  2. A not so advanced 3d tutorial This is how I do my renders (: I hope this works for u (and I really hope u understand it). This is stuff you've seen in other tutorials so u will understand it easily.
  3. C4D Abstract Render Tutorial This is my first Cinema4d tutorial and is based on a couple of other tutorials, but I give it my own twist.
  4. Abstract Renders in Cinema 4d This is a basic tutorial on the ways that I do my renders for most of my abstract pieces. Which is one of the techniques I use. For this tutorial, I will be using my favorite 3d program Cinema 4d.
  5. Making Random Wires using Pflow This tutorial will explain you how you can create a random wires using Pflow inside 3ds max. This technique can be used in creating various type of abstract images.
  6. Flow: Abstract Render Tutorial Hey folks. People have been asking me to create a render tutorial and such lately. Well here I am. I really hope you guys appreciate this. I took 7 hrs excluding render time to do this super in depth tutorial.
  7. Blender 3d abstract tutorial This tutorial will cover some basic techniques you can use to turn out abstract 3d renders in Blender 3d
  8. Organic 3D effects Adding abstract renders is increasingly used as a way of introducing extra levels of complexity to digital images. Here, DepthCORE?s Justin Maller uses a simple process to achieve amazing results in Photoshop and Cinema 4D
  9. Xtreme C4D tutorial It is done! Has some typo etc but it should be fun to read, even if u dont have c4d
  10. Abstract C4D Tutorial This video was 1280x1000px approx. originally, and was in .avi format. Remember, a tutorial is just a guide on how a certain outcome was achieved. Experiment. Have Fun. And Enjoy!


by Justin Maller


by David Fuhrer


by MoNo72

Birds aren't made of gold

by Godxx2

Daphne 2

by alphamin


by Christopher Haines


by François Leroy

Show Off Your Skills 5 - Heat

by Wojciech Obuchowicz

Heavens Dead

by Joe Moore


by Phanox


by Nik Ainley


by Steve Goodin


by Christopher Haines

No colors bright enough

by Pdgfx

SOUL of the CITY

by Fresh Israel


by Justin Maller

The Heart of Darkness

by Adam Spizak

The Fantasy of Reality

by Sumeco


by Justin Maller


by schiszophrenia

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