22 of the Most Gorgeous Polygon Art Designs of 2019

22 of the Most Gorgeous Polygon Art Designs of 2019

Polygons Go On & On

Be inspired by these gorgeous polygon art designs!

Today’s inspiration roundup is all about geometrical shapes. We’re looking at polygon art designs that have been truly inspirational, especially as we move into mid-2019.

Before we delve into some magical polygon art pieces, let’s take a moment and talk about the history of this artistic form of expression.

The History of Polygon Design

When most people think about the history of polygon art designs, they immediately jump to the low poly forms used in the early days of 3D animation and video games.

However, a brief look through history shows that polygon designs have been around for centuries, most notably in Islamic art. While polygons are used in animation today for their simplicity, in the ancient world the different geometric shapes were weaved together to create elaborate, decorative elements.

Despite the differences in uses between the 15th century and today, polygon art does share a common theme: A complicated simplicity.

The foundation of this art form is simple. Artists take a closed shape with multiple sides and edges, connect them with similar shapes, and create a larger image.

But what artists have done with these simple shapes is absolutely transformative. Dizzying patterns and vibrant designs entrance viewers.

It’s no wonder this art form has truly survived the test of time.

Polygon Art Designs Today

As mentioned above, even though polygon art can be seen throughout history, it became popular again with the rise of the digital age. The simplicity of geometric shapes allowed programmers to make ‘low poly’ 3D animations. Because these 3D images were made using 2D shapes, development and rendering times were much faster.

As design and animation have progressed, there’s still a sentimentality that connects polygon designs with the modern world. The minimalistic style of today has opened doors to polygon art as the perfect medium.

With the use of polygons, artists and designers can simultaneously add depth, texture, and shape to a piece, while still having that modern, minimalistic feel. All with a slight nod to designs of the past.

Creating Polygon Art Designs

Inspired by the artists’ works above?

If you’re interested in trying your hand at creating your own polygon art designs, head over to Medialoot to get a Low Poly Photoshop Action or a Polypaint Photoshop Action.

Want to try polygon portraits on your own? Jenn Coyle has created a simple, step-by-step process for creating polygon portraits. Bon chance!

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