20 unique T-shirt designs for your inspiration

20 unique T-shirt designs for your inspiration

With the growth of online sales, t-shirts market is in a good shape, which made the t-shirt designer to achieve a considerable role in the graphic design world. The greatest ability of the t-shirt designer is to be able to represent a concept with a limited number of colors. This could seem to be a limit, but sometimes limits are what we need to express better our skills. T-shirts stores are one of my favourite source of inspiration. When I make shopping, I'm always ready to capture nice designs with my phone. Today I surfed some online stores, and selected 20 unique t-shirt designs to share with you. Enjoy!

Creatures bandtee

from After Edmund

Circulate tee

from Resist Today

Dino Riders Shirt

from Mediocore

Escape from Reality

from Design By Humans

Star-cross'd Lovers

from Threadless

Lion of Judah

from Paid in Full

The Humans

from Dirty Velvet

Trying To Catch That Wave

from Design by Humans


from Threadless

When Pandas Attack

from Threadless


from Dirty Velvet

Music in my head

from Design by Humans

Canary bird

from laFraise


from laFraise

The most fantastic things

from Linty Fresh

Love Addict Robot

from Chris Rushing's Behance


from Thomas Pereira' Behance

Von Zipper

from Archan Nais's Behance


from Alex Beltechi's Behance

A l'abri ?

from laFraise

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