20 inspirational sites for graphic designers

20 inspirational sites for graphic designers

Inspiration is what allows designers to create unique pieces. It derives from everything: music, films, photos, t-shirts, people... But there are days that you are on computer observing your empty canvas without any idea to start from. In these cases surfing sites that publish fresh inspirational contents can help you. Today I selected 20 sites that can help creatives to find ideas and inspiration.


"We share things we like and want everyone to know about. We're not an image bookmarking site. We don't selfishly hoard images for ourselves. We're more interested in sharing the inspiration, website and artist behind the work."
visit yayeveryday.com


"Typeish is an image bookmarking database showcasing a careful selection of inspirational , provocative, intoxicating, exquisite, captivating photography, designs, type, art, fashion, packaging..."
visit typeish.com

The Book Cover Archive

"An archive of book cover designs and designers"
visit bookcoverarchive.com
the book cover archive


"TAXI is the global creative network of today, a meeting place for creative professionals around the world to connect with each other, stay updated, and showcase their works towards prospects and opportunities."
visit designtaxi.com


"Sci-Fi-O-Rama is an Art, Design and Illustration Image blog slanted towards anything vaguely Sci-fi or Fantasy related."
visit sci-fi-o-rama.com


"Power To The Poster is the former taken to dismantling the latter. This project exists to bring people together around a ready supply of well-designed, wild postings that comment on the issues of our time. These 11x17 posters in PDF format are for anyone, anywhere to download, print and post. The hope is that this site gets people talking about where we've been and where we're going in these historic times."
visit powertotheposter.org
power to the poster

Narwhal. Co

"Narwhal Co. products originate from gently used vintage neckties, which we recycle into handmade, one-of-a-kind accessories. Our goal is to create an accessory that feels as good to own as it does to make. "
visit narwhalcompany.com
narwhal co


"I show you the best works of Graphic Designers, Motion Designers, Advertisers, Architects and Product Designers. With one or two posts per day, you will find a good dose of fucking high quality inspiration. "
visit lookslikegooddesign.com
looks like good design


"It seems like everybody?s talking about the end of physical music media. Who knows whether they?re right or not, but Hard Format is a little place we?ve set up to celebrate our love of brilliant music-related design."
visit hardformat.org


"graphic-exchange is an alternative to the "links only" web site, showing you the a selection of work directly on this site. I also use it to present my own work. I prefer printed material to digital, and this is why, over the years, I have proposed a designer's "graphic-exchange"."
visit graphic-exchange.com
graphic exchange


"GigPosters.com showcases gig posters, handbills and flyers from around the world. Great for artists, musicians, bands, designers, venues and music collectors. A collection of rock posters and music posters."
visit gigposters.com


"Freshbump is a daily visual inspiration source for industries including, but not limited to: Advertising, Architecture, Computer Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Photography."
visit freshbump.com


"eatsleepdraw is an online art community. We post 100% original content, submitted by contributors across the globe."
visit eatsleepdraw.com


"Since May 2005, the Fubiz site is centered on the subjects of the graphic world, the urban culture, the products tendencies and numerical arts. A baseline Daily off proportions inspiration, a version available in 2 languages with nine galleries, a collaboratif space and new uses."
visit fubiz.net


"Mojizu is for the people who create characters and people who just love them, from experienced artists to casual doodlers. If you draw characters for a living ? it?s a place to showcase them and expose your talent to a wide audience around the world. If you draw characters as a hobby, it?s a place to improve your skills and get feedback from a large community of character lovers." visit mojizu.com mojizu

The Design Inspiration

"The Design Inspiration is created by a group of designers who are seeking various design inspiration every day. To make every designer's life easier, we decided to feature the best logos, illustrations, websites, photos and patterns from the most talented designers from all around the world. And we would like to make sure that you are getting the freshest and best quality design inspirations daily."
visit thedesigninspiration.com
the design inpiration


"Our intention is NOT to make us a couple hundred dollars a month in advertising but to actually provide quality content with no extra "crap". Our views might evolve as we grow, but we promise you one thing: StationeryStyle will always have more of what you want to see and less of what you don't want to see. Now go get inspired!"
visit stationerystyle.net


"1x is a photo community with a difference. Take the work of the most talented photobloggers, various famous photographers, and many serious amateurs, select their best work and collect it all in one place - that is 1x."
visit 1x.com


"Through Creative Depart we try to reach out to all those beautiful, creative and enriching things in the world that enable us to evolve or simply be amazed by the endless creativity of human mind. From design to art, illustration to photography, trend to fashion, we search to capture the essence of what each creation wants to communicate."
visit creativedepart.com


"Emptees is a place where the world?s best designers and tee enthusiasts can come together on common ground to show off, talk about, and love tees."
visit emptees.com
emptees Do you find inspiration from the web? What are the sites you frequently visit to find ideas? We would like to hear your point of view.

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