Share with the co-op and everyone wins: Get your name and website on every item you submit, help out your fellow designers, and get free access to all other co-op resources (even the exclusives 👍)

Perks of Contributing

  • 🤟 Free co-op membership for as long as your items are on WeGraphics
  • 🔥 Access to 1000+ exclusive items we've designed just for the co-op
  • 📢 Your name and website promoted with every item you submit
  • 🙏 Help fellow designers and be awesome
Apply to be a Contributor

Please sign up below and include a link to your portfolio and a little bit about you. We'll review your designs and reach out if we can include them in the coop.

Contributor FAQs

Will I still own rights to items I submit?

Yes, of course! You'll always retain all rights to your work (unless we pay for them, see below) — we only ask you to license the item to us so we can license it to other co-op members.

Can I update/edit/remove my items?

Yep! You can edit, update, or remove any of your items at any time: just let us know and we'll take care of it.

Do you guys pay for submissions?

Sometimes! We pay for a lot of the items on WeGraphics so we can have full-rights and provide exclusive benefit to our members

Why the Co-op set up?

The open-source movement has been an enormous benefit to software developers; we want to build a community where designers can share and benefit from each other in a similarly helpful way. The co-op format allows us to protect the copyrights of designers while still encouraging sharing.

What about the paid memberships?

We offer paid memberships to people who want to join the co-op but don't have design to share. We use the membership fees to benefit the rest of the co-op: site improvements, articles/tutorials, and hiring designers to create exclusive resources for the co-op.

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